About Irish Hitman

Promoting Exciting Shows and Events

Irish Hitman Promotions LLC is experienced in the Buy-Sell-Trade show culture. With over 75 years of combined show and event experience, our staff continues to attend National and Regional Shows in our effort to learn what others are doing to increase attendance and maintain a fun and easy show experience.

Unique Opportunities for Vendors

Irish Hitman Promotions LLC is a leader in promoting exciting shows and events which provide unique opportunities for vendors to market their products to the largest potential audience in a market.

We value the vendor and the sacrifice you make in committing your time to attend our promoted events. We fully understand that your focus is correctly on your bottom line while at an event.

We are well experienced in the operation of various shows and events.

We strive to bring new ideas and strategies to each event. We execute this effort by attending many events and shows throughout the continent. We listen to vendors before, during and after each event.

GREAT FACILITIES – We work to negotiate the most cost-efficient available space in a market. We work with our hall managements to keep the facility clean and safe.

ADVERTISING – Studies prove that people attend longer, spend more and return more often to events that are fun and deliver fair market value for the products they seek. We use billboards, the media, mailings and personal electronic messaging to bring in the crowds.

SECURITY – We provide on-site security within the show hall.

CONVENIENCE – We provide the best “time over target” for the public of any show. We value the vendor’s time and understand that the public’s “decision–making time” adds cost to your show swinging your experience from profit to loss.

SERVICE – Our focus is on helping you! From the time you arrive till you depart, we will work hard to solve your issues and remove any obstacles you feel are in your way from the best show experience. Please call Mark Bohleber at 270/993-9915 or Neil Johnson at 812/483-3064 for more information.

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