Mark Bohleber

A Military Past...

Born in Evansville and a 1986 Graduated of F.J Reitz HS, Mark has served in the US ARMY, US Army Reserve and the National Guard. His service with US Army Special Operations has taken him to Europe, South America, and several trips to the Middle East.

Mark is a graduate of the University of Southern Indiana with a Bachelors degree in Political Science and History. He is a graduate the Department of Criminal Justice Training Police Academy in Richmond, KY in 1999 and served as a Police Officer for the Owensboro Police Department.

After September 11, 2001, Mark re-enlisted in the military serving in Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003. Mark returned home to the Owensboro police Department until 2008. In 2008, he took a position with Blackwater Worldwide. He had completed Executive Protection training in Moyock, N.C. and took a position with the Afghan Border Police program. Mark spent the next four years as a trainer, Mentor, and Team Leader on the Project.

Since 2012, Mark has held a position as Security and Safety Director for a community college, and now holds the position of a Jail Inspector for the KY Department of Corrections.

Personal Interests...

Having a life long love of history and the men and women who made it from an early age, he has collected military items and sought to share his love of the hobby. Mark was one of the first 30 members of the Evansville Military Collectors Club. He has been a member of the Ohio Valley Military Society, the NRA, and various smaller collector organizations.

Birth of Irish Hitman...

Irish Hitman came to life from the Army phonetic alaphabet IH= India Hotel. That was a radio call sign for a sniper team Mark served on in 2003, which jokingly became Irish Hitman. This became a brand in 2007 as Irish Hitman Inc. which was Mark's first business as a Army Surplus and gun store in Owensboro, KY. The logo was an idea that blossomed into t-shirts for the business. The Irish Hitman t-shirt has been worn in Europe to Afghanistan.

In 2017, Mark and friend Neil Johnson began discussing the way show events in the Evansville, IN area need to change. After a few lunches, they decided that Irish Hitman could score direct hits on changing the shows of yesterday and create fun and exciting new shows for the Evansville area.

We look forward to hosting shows that will provide you a fun and enjoyable experience for the entire family.