Frequent Questions

Answers to the most common questions we hear...

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to CONTACT US directly.

What is the admission price of the shows?
We keep our admission price at $5.00 per adult. We allow those 16 and under in for free with a paid adult.
If I leave a show, can I re-enter without paying a fee?
Yes, if it is the same day. We will gladly stamp your hand for reentry. The hand stamp will not allow for entry the second day however but we welcome you back again for the same low admission price of $5.00.
Can my children attend?
Yes, we feel that all our shows are family friendly. We do not allow those 16 and under in alone. We ask that your children refrain from handling vendor’s items as they may be sharp.
What kind of items can I expect to find at your shows?
We pride ourselves that our shows are not flea markets. We discuss with every vendor the types of items they will market and are firm in advising which items do not belong in our shows. We will not simply sell tables to anyone, just to fill a show. An example is the Evansville Motorcycle Weekend which will feature vendors marketing various forms of two and three-wheeled cycles, parts and ancillary equipment used by those who enjoy the fun.
Do I have to pay for parking?
No, all of our shows are held in venues which provide free parking to our guests.
Can I bring items in from home to sell?
Yes, with approval at the door by the show management. Some items, like guns must be inspected and the actions tied to make them inoperable. We do not allow wagons or other wheeled carts filled with items in the aisles but you can walk in with your items and carry them around the show. We also kindly ask that you do not bring in items, grab a chair and sit in one spot to sell your items. Tables are inexpensive and are usually available.
I cannot attend one day, can I still get a table for only one day?
Yes, at the show low table cost. Please advise the management prior to obtaining a table of your intention.
Why do you not have Sunday hours?
We believe that shows which are open on Sundays simply cost more to operate for us and for our vendors. We wish that all our vendors cover their costs at our shows every time. It may be more convenient to set up on Friday and tear down on Sunday but there is a cost which many times pushes a vendor’s show experience into the negative.
Is there an ATM available?
Some of our sites have ATM’s inside the building while others have them nearby. Please check at the shows front desk.